Always loving and trusting the wrong person. Sometimes I wonder if it’s gods game with me or is it just bad luck. This week just proved that I stand by myself alone and it’s the only one I need to trust and love.


Sitting here with anger filled in me. Still wonder why did I even believe and trust you.

It’s to the person you love the most, you give the gun to take you out anytime. It’s to the person you love the most, you give your trust to which they can lie so much and yet you will trust them.

Sometimes I blame myself for doing this upon me. Why can’t I just be happy.

Friends can always be there for you. You can have lots of them. At times there will never be even 1 friend there for you. So remember you’re you own saviour. You’re a survivor. Don’t get to attached to anyone, for you will be hurt if you choose to.

I’m the villain of my own life, of my own story.

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